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Who are you and what do you do? Oh im Just Teen and I’m usually `-‘ing around. lol nah but I go by TeenBeats- Music Producer/ Performing Art-ist. Part owner of Teen&Jonesy. I pretty much come up with good ideas and run with them.

Where do you do it?
I am Based out of Brooklyn New York, with some roots in Staten Island, and Chicago IL, I think thats where the Soul beats come from.

Do you do it for the love or the money?
I can definetly say I am more art-driven then money-driven.

What was your first or worst job?
On the books or off? Lol because I had a Lot of hustles, legal ones at that, growing up. But my first Real job was Poppin! I was fresh outa highschool and I was selling student loan consolidations with mad older people, and was like assistant manager, making like 18 buckaroos an hr. Thats when I first realized that I can sell practically anything, and was interested in business.

How did you come up with the concept for your track of the Junk Yard EP? Aha well one day I got caught red-handed in the park, and me and my homie Kate got locked up for like a day and a half. I was like Mannn Ima make a song called “Kate Goes to Jail” and then like a few days later I made the beat. Then I teamed up the amazing Eliki, I told her the concept and she ran wild with it lol. No w Classic..

What can we expect next from you? I pretty much spent 2010 working and setting up shop so that by 2011 I can consecutively release projects I’ve been working on. I will show my versitality and my creativity in a bunch of areas. I am Launching my “Fashion Business” early 2011, and releasing my Debut EP “QuaranTeen.” I will also spend a good portion of my time, with my business partner Jonesy, providing inner city youth and communities with more activites, through the Rated T for Teen Foundation.

Where can people find you online? You can follow me @TeenMogul. There I can plug you into all the latest updates, Links, sites, music etc.

Run The Streets by TEENBEATS produced by GABRIEL STARRC by BROOKLYN35





Kate Goes To Jail TEASER Junkprints Radio Vol.17 by BROOKLYN35

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