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                          Fancy Visage never really felt confident in her musicality until a close friend and producer expressed how great she sounded. With his/her feeback and a ton of material inspired by a painful break up, Fancy began writing and recording music she believed [...]

HOT by TOUGH DUMPLIN featuring JUNIOR REID HOLD YA KARNA by Phife Dawg of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST & TOUGH DUMPLIN TOUGH DUMPLIN & NEFARIUS Lost VHS TAPES by Brooklyn35.com Money REMIX by Prophet Z featuring Tough Dumplin & Fancy Visage of BK35 NEFARIUS consist of members Kwesro, Don D & M.C. Collizhun (Tough Dumplin). The Nefarius ”Tough Dumplin (Foundation for [...]

Directed by Tough Dumplin & Mz.Icar RAIN OR SHINE by BROOKLYN35 Collective feature: DANA DANGER ATHENS, RASHID AMIR, J.MANDELA, TOUGH DUMPLIN. Tough Dumplin of Brooklyn35 Live Concert in Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur. Behind-The-Scenes A short documentary film called “Covert Honey” by THREE 0 STUDIO. Directed by Tough Dumplin & Chanel Kennebrew. A visual record chronicling the joyous [...]

This collaborative project features the musical talents of Dana Athens, Earl Greyhound, Eliki, The Faculty (Jared Pauley, Lee Turley, Raydar Ellis), George Reefah, Teenbeats, Lisa Marr,  Manchilde,  R.Me, Shahab Zargari, Gabriel Starrc. Hosted by: Brownbird Rudy Relic Mastered by: Tough Dumplin & Gabriel Starrc Brought to you by the fine folks of: Brooklyn35 // The [...]